Historical note: Stacking was an exploit where standing on the same tile as your horse would make it impossible for monsters to target you. People would use this to block monsters, for instance, to tame in saftey.

Belan was in Felucca taming a white wyrm when a group of stackers (Black Magic, Mystical, Jherico, Skank, Apocalyspe, Silmarillion, and Anilore) decided they wanted it too..

Even more interesting, Black Magic has heard of Belan!

Black Magic: Belan is gay
Black Magic: stole my friends furn tub

Belan found out later that Black Magic is a friend of Nezano. In one of Belan's best loots, she had bought all of Nezano's colored furniture from his vendor, waited hidden by his furniture dye tub for him to return home, and when he saw he needed to make more furniture for his vendor and unlocked the tub to change the dye, it simply hopped into Belan's hands! :)

Belan didn't feel like having the wyrm she was trying to tame stolen from her by a bunch of exploiters, so she was preparing to work bardic magic..

Black Magic: Belan
Belan: Aye?
Black Magic: you stole
Black Magic: my friends
Black Magic: furn tub
Belan: Boo hoo :)
Belan: Now I'm going to kill you
Jherico: lol
Black Magic: reallly
Jherico: In Jux Sanct - Magic Reflection
Black Magic: bring it missy

They seem to doubt a bard is a PvP class.. :> They don't realize Belan is a grandmaster at using spawn to kill people!

To start the attack on the stackers, Belan provokes the white wyrm against Black Magic's horse.. He frantically tries to save it, but wyrms are fast. :> See it being eaten at the bottom right?

Belan sends the wyrm after the next stacker's horse (Silmarillion or Apocalypse, not sure)..

Black Magic and Jherico chase the now grey Belan, but Belan's quick! They play Wis Quas tag for a bit, but Belan finds a snow elemental and hides by it, just out of 'cold damage' range..

Sure enough, Black Magic runs right into range of the snow elemental! He runs off trying to save himself, but from his health bar, he looks doomed..

Belan finds some creatures to bard at the remainder of the group. She announces her intentions just as Anilore is killed by the spawn.

All that is left now is to kill the mare that is protecting Apocalypse.. Belan finds the white wyrm and bards it after them..

Unfortunately, Belan was not ready with dispel field and Apocalypse manages to gate himself and his pet to saftey before she could cast.

No good loot was found on the corpses, but it was quite a blow delivered by a bard, don't you think? :) Such death!