Belan was out trying to tame a white wyrm for the first time when apparenty the story broke on stratics about the glacial staves. How'd she know about the story? Because a swarm of people rushed in killing everything in sight, including the almost tamed white wyrm.. 'Tis time to shift gears and get a staff..

Belan wanders around killing giant ice serpents and finds some guy killing them with magic from abord his ship. Belan checks the planks, finds the left side open, hops on, and proceeds to loot.. Note that the victim doesn't realize her intentions immediately. ;)

Belan finds a small group of people that want to go along as a party to find the glacial staffs (Keith S. and Drakkan Frost) and starts exploring when she comes across this corpse.

In fact, there's even more death around!

Belan returns to her group which is fighting an ice troll and informs them of the situation.

Back at the corpse, Belan has to introduce herself to screwtape, who keeps bumping into her and spinning in hopes of a res.

For Saucy Wench, this is also the first encounter with Belan.

A hunting party comes across the corpse and of course stops to wait for loot as well. Luckily, one of Belan's friends (pictured top left) has followed them!

One of the other party resurrects Saucy Wench in time. screwtape has some words to say about their ordeal.

Belan, always the cordial one, thanks Saucy Wench even though no loot is had. Turns out Belan's party found most of Saucy's loot on a troll they killed later anyway :)

Poking around in ice dungeon, Belan finds a casualty with some loot..

Belan also notices that white wyrms carry almost as much useless crap as players do.

Bringing one's own boat is so mundane, it's much more fun to hop on other people's!

Belan comes across another of the recently deceased, Edgar Figaro, on a more isolated portion of the hunting grounds..

It must be boring waiting around as a ghost, Belan will entertain the recently deceased!

Ghosts always request strange songs..

Edgar Figaro goes bones, and Belan examines the loot. Of intrest are a GM katana crafted by him (meaning he's a GM smith), a Trammel city runebook, and a ship key.

Belan, always the kind one, leaves the ghost's other possesions outside of the corpse incase he is not ressed in time to get to them.

Off to claim the ship! Interestingly, Belan really screwed up here and gated to town instead of recalling (as she had a dragon with her). The ghost could have run through the gate and grabbed a res, but actually stayed put!

Ah, 'tis a fine ship it is, it will look much finer when it is in Belan's backpack. :>

Belan returns to res and gate the ghost off the island and finds a hunting party has already found him and ressed.

Belan explains her lootee sellback policy (1/2 the expected selling price to the lootee with the exception of gold, regs, and boats).

Edgar seems to have a problem grasping how change of ownership works..

Belan tries to explain looting, but it falls on deaf ears.

Belan tries harder to explain looting.

Calling Belan a theif, eesh! Everyone knows Belan is a looter!

Some people are just slow..

Eesh, Belan's lootee discount is very underappriciated today.. No problem, his items are worth much more if Belan sells them to someone else for their normal price. :)

Edgar changes his mind and finds Belan on the other side of the cove..

Edgar is still not dealing with this concept..

Simply hopeless. Belan gives up explaining her new ownership of Edgar's goods and leaves him with nothing, stuck on the ice island for the next hunting party to deal with.

Back in the dungeon, the unexperienced yet staff-hungry have started to arrive.. Many have never seen the ice lands of t2a, and many others just don't know what they are doing anywhere. :)

Talon Karde decides he wants to try meleeing the white wyrm..

Iceman learns that blade spirits can attack you. :)

Belan runs into Jupiter II who had been killstealing Belan's giant ice serpents earlier. Jupiter II asks if Belan has found a staff yet and Belan gives her a bit of a misdirection to keep her out of Belan's way. :>

Belan meets another killstealer, SilverMagus (Remember him from the Hyloth episode?). Belan quite enjoys the fact that his loot is sitting in a crate in her house still.

A quick run for supplies at the bank finds JaDE having a bit of trouble lending sir tim 200 gold, namely in the 'aiming at sir tim instead of the floor' department. Wonder what happened to the gold next? :)

Belan's horse is out of stamina so she sells it to JaDE for 400. :> JaDE seems a bit angry at Belan and makes a challenge which Belan quickly tries to accept and make it easy on JaDE to get there by offering her a Felucca and Trammel stone.

I don't know when this 'future' is, but everyone seems to want to kill Belan then instead of now. ;)

Finally, a few more giant ice serpents, and the prize is Belan's!

Total loot came to 5 treasure maps (legitimately taken from monsters), a glacial staff for mages, 2 boats looted from players, a Trammel cities runebook, and some various other loot. Not too bad a trip..