Belan gates into the Fire Ele room in Deceit from brit bank to play with her dragon a bit, and some character named Star hops through the gate which promptly closes behind her.. Apparently this is Star's first visit to Deceit, so Belan introduces herself and asks if Star would like to meet her friend..

Hmm, seems they are not getting along too well..

Ah, a picture like that can make one's whole day. :)

Welcome to Deceit!

Not much to do but wait now..

But what's this? The ghost of Kail Jadde walks over and presents himself while Belan is waiting for Star to decay.

Star returns after getting a res elsewhere. Belan is unprepared to kill the newly ressed as her dragon's orneryness complicates things (This was not meant to be looting trip!). Should Belan try and kill the newly ressed or go camp Kail Jadde's corpse?

Belan decides to switch corpses.

Star runs off to the secret door to the west after flinging a few insults Belan's way.. Not a smart thing to do when you have almost no health and Belan and a fire elemental are still there! :) Belan drops off a fire elemental for Star before leaving for the new corpse.

Belan finds the new corpse in the small lich room.

What funny song names these ghosts do request!

Belan looted two silver weapons and a broadsword of vanquishing from the corpse (what the heck was he doing with that much loot in Deceit?). It turns out Kail Jadde knew Belan from talking to her around town. He was cordial and wound up trading an xbow of vanq for his loot back.

I wonder what happened to Star? :)