Belan was making her rounds at Minoc mines, hoping to find some ore-filled and underfed packie wandering the caves when she ran into Lexington and Sting. Sting had apparently killed Lexington's guildmistress and was offering him the loot back for 2k. When Belan arrived, he was supposedly showing Lexington the loot in the trade window.

Lexington: give me the stuff
Sting: give me 2000$
Sting: first
Lexington: he killed my guild mistress
Lexington: and wont give my stuff back

Belan is amused by the conflict but gets bored and gates herself and her drake to the house she recently aquired to refresh it. For some reason Sting hops in the gate at the last second and it closes behind him.. Belan immediately pulls the drake off of the monsters around the house, closes the door to trap the drake from moving, and casts invis on the drake and herself. :>

The monsters, having lost sight of Belan and her pet, decide Sting is much more fun to attack. Sting takes off running to the north. Not a wise direction, as that's where an air elemental spawns. :> Belan stables the drake and goes to look for Sting's corpse. She finds his horse abandoned due to it being out of stamina and finds Sting hiding in a log cabin a bit further on. Unfortunately, he is still alive.

He's really in a panic to leave.. Those orcs, ettins, trolls, air elementals, etc. must have roughed him up. :) Belan realizes loot is to be had!

Sting offers Belan the loot.. With such a round number of gold coins, it almost certainly is not the full loot. :) Belan declines the trade.

Sting is in no position to try scamming Belan..

Sting pleads with Belan, and gets desperate!

Belan cancels the trade again, knowing that there is still gold to be had.. :>


Having been offered what she believes to be all of the loot Sting has (even his pants!) Belan accepts the trade and returns Sting to Minoc.

'Tis truly a fine loot when you not only come away with gold, but manage to loot their pants too!