Belan tamed two drakes and headed off to Felucca to give post-UO:R PKing a try. Problem was, no one's ever in Felucca anymore! Belan walked from Britian to Vesper to Minoc finding no one along the way.. So, she went to the Minoc mines where she met Mr.Miner. :)

Mr.Miner seemed a bit unsure of Belan's intentions with the two drakes..

Belan was prepared with the 'all kill' macro but Mr.Miner knew paying tribute would cost him less.

Mr.Miner even asked Belan what color of ingots she would like. :)

Tribute in hand, Belan waves to the miner and lets him and his packie continue mining undisturbed.

An episode where Belan is not cursed at, called a newbie, or threatened with death? Obviously Belan is not in Trammel! :)