Belan had heard of the grief the S|S guild of Atlantic discovered centered around the Trammel bone knight room.. Apparently, even the thought of actually killing a bone knight there is considered taboo. People there insist the bone knights are solely for training and for anyone to do otherwise qualifies them as a 'newbie'. Belan decides to see if the bone knight room is that bad on Napa Valley..

Belan arrives, and a stray bone knight attacks her wyrm.

The onlookers, shambala, Falstaff, Verek, and Dale immediately protest..

shambala insists Belan is a newbie tamer for some unknown reason..

Apparently Belan was not briefed that to kill anything less than a lich lord, one should fight with deer and cows instead of a wyrm!

So far all Belan has done is show up, and a bone knight attacked her wyrm and was dispatched..

shambala returns to the newbie tamer accusations.. Belan decides to demonstrate her non-newbieness by killing more bone knights. :>

How rude!

Belan decides with all the grief being thrown her way, that now would be a good time to stock up on orc masks. :)

Belan is still only killing the occasional bone knight that comes her way, she is not disrupting 'the wall', yet she is still getting grief!

What are 'new school' tamers? :) For that matter, what were 'old school' ones? I'm not sure, but shambala apparently knows..

Shadowlord Death decides to comment..

'a loser bone knight room', I couldn't have said it better myself! :)

Dale and shambala complain that Belan is 'whacking everything in sight', even though she has only killed 3 bone knights and hasn't disturbed their precious 'wall'..

Varek jumps in on the insult-the-tamer bandwagon!

I do? :)

Varek displays his knowledge, or lack thereof..

Marquis De Sade seems determined that their BK group should be exclusive..

A deal is struck!

Why can't Belan kill bone knights?

Ah, Belan has bad manners for not following Dale's orders. :) I wonder if he'll have bad manners for refusing if Belan asks him to leave his weapon at home?

shambala agrees to donate masks, how kind!

A great screenshot.. Dale complaining about a lost power hour due to the three skeletal knights Belan killed, nevermind that he is still fighting quite a large group of them and Belan hasn't killed one in a while. Belan checks his profile to see if "Grandmaster Whiner" is displayed, but he apparently had too little fame for it to show yet..

Success! Free loot!

Next time Belan will remember to have manners by only fighting skeletal knights using tamed deer and cows.