The need for policy.
Belan was on her way out of the Paupa magic shop when a gate opened up before her and the ghost of Tyrent popped out! Knowing this is the telltale sign of someone sending a ghost to get ressed, Belan enters to try finding the said ghost's leftovers.

Belan finds his corpse in fire dungeon, seemed some daemons had their way with him. A nice assortment of loot is to be had.

Halo Asuka was nearby, she was the one that sent Tyrent to be ressed.

'Twas not long before Tyrent made his way back to his corpse.

Belan offers Tyrent her standard deal.

Halo Asuka doesn't seem to understand ownership. That's ok; Belan is used to explaining.

Tyrent attempts to buy his loot back with the loot Belan already took. :)

Oh dear, a threat! Why is Halo Asuka so mad?

Risky? Aye, the risk of becoming overloaded with loot! Tee hee!

Tyrent didn't have much except the items Belan keeps.

The looting complete, Belan recalls to Delucia.

While banking Tyrent's loot, guess who shows up? It's Tyrent and Halo Asuka! Tyrent doesn't notice Belan's standing right next to him and asks Halo Asuka what guild Belan was in. :)

Belan helps out. :)

Tyrent is quite desperate for his regs! He must not have been paying attention when Belan explained the lootee sellback policy the first time.

Good thing Belan has a webpage! Saves a lot of explaining..

Tyrent doubts the strength of the policy.

Apparently he did not read it very well. He asks for his gold back.

Is this such a difficult concept to grasp?

Return gold? 'Twould be a waste of effort it would!

Tyrent is really having a hard time grasping the lootee sellback policy.

The onlooker, Reynard Le Beau, is quite amused by the conversation. :)

Again, Belan refers Tyrent, but Tyrent again misses something in the comprehension.

Tyrent attempts to give it a closer look, however for Tyrent, it's like looking at it with closed eyes. :)

*sigh*, Belan is forced to quote her own page.

Tyrent has his own set of rules apparently. :)

Tyrent is finally clear on the policy. Belan wishes him good luck and gives him a bit of advice for the future.

After stocking up on regs (he had to be led to the mage shop despite telling him twice it was right next to the bank), Tyrent bids Belan a farewell.

Amazing how hard it is to explain a simple policy. Good thing Belan put that online, or she'd still be there in Delucia explaining it to Tyrent!

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