Belan was at the bank and just then, a horse named SexyBuns decides it is time to seek a new master! Belan does not arrive in time and it is tamed by Drako Dragon Kin.. Drako tries to transfer it to Triton, presumably the original owner, but does not have food to feed the horse. An agreement is made to release the horse, and have Triton retame it. :>

Drako Dragon Kin: all transfer
Drako Dragon Kin: all transfer
Triton: release it
Drako Dragon Kin: all transfer
Triton: and ill tame it
Drako Dragon Kin: fuck
Drako Dragon Kin: need food
Belan: :)
Drako Dragon Kin: all release
SexyBuns: SexyBuns appears to have decided that it is better off without a master!

A tragedy! Belan cannot help but kill the horse, powers stronger than her control her actions!

Isabella asks why this has happened.. She does not know Belan has no control over these things!

Kelli doesn't understand it was not Belan's fault either!

Kelli and Triton seem angered again by Belan trying to make the best of a bad situation, I do not understand..

Locke arrives on the scene and has some comments..

Belan asks what she can do to make amends for the horse's death..

Belan has tried her best to make amends by returning the best parts of the horse, but Kelli is still not happy with her for some reason. Oh well.