Elipso, the human IDOC!
Belan was busy cropping pics for new episodes when a call went out from Crazy Joe for help looting someone who was stuck on the roof of west brit bank in Felucca carrying a chest way too heavy for them to move with.

Belan arrived to find Elipso stuck to the roof by the weight he was holding!

Sil, also there to loot, knows his predicament as well. :>

DarkMist, Elipso's friend, is surprised anyone would find his friend a worthy camp. :>

Silly DarkMist, waiting for loot to hit the ground is what looting is all about!

Crazy Joe had brought in quite a few people to help camp. :) You can barely see poor Elipso underneath Belan..

Crazy Joe notes Elipso is a human IDOC!

DarkMist refuses to let anyone hide, quite an expense on regs it must be, but apparently he has lots of regs to waste..

Oh dear!

Harassment? Aye, not dropping that chest certainly is harassing Belan! She could be cropping pics right now!

If he would only drop that chest.. Maybe Belan can help.

It is decided to try opening a gate for him to see if he would go through. The gate leads to the island in the center of Vesper. :> He was not to be tricked this easily, but while Belan was gone marking an island rune, Sil noticed the loot changing hands to Joshua.

Since the loot had started changing hands, Belan readied herself to make a grab for it. Why, what's that on Belan's cursor?

Unfortunately, Belan is now just as stuck as Elipso! The lootees discuss options for getting the chest back from Belan..

pimpinaintez, one of the lootee's friends, is still trying to figure out who got the chest. :)

The lootees are quite determined they can find a GM willing to loot poor Belan!

Belan is quite interested as to what could possibly be in this chest that would make it so important to get..

The lootees start opening lots of trade windows up on Belan's screen, apparently in hopes she would jump at the chance to drop the box for a few gold coins..

I don't think Elipso understood the concept. :)

Har har, I bet you never thought you'd hear Belan say this!

There's a bit of a conflict of interests between Elipso and Belan..

DarkMist has supposedly placed a one mil check in the trade window, but Belan cannot see it for all the other trade windows.. Regardless, this chest is obviously not just furniture. :>

A new player on a mare with a chest full of loot? Me thinks not!

Sil and Belan have been coordinating how to make off with the chest. Sil has cleared his bank box so he can place it directly inside when Belan passes it to him by way of the ground. The only problem, Belan is quite camped by the lootees who will surely lunge for it as well!

Maybe if Belan could distract their attention away from the chest just long enough.. A complicated open-ended question is just right for this sort of thing! Sil is signaled to prepare to take the chest from the tile infront of him..

Success! The chest is passed while they attempted to type a response to Belan's question. :)

Sil and Belan thank their gracious providers.

DarkMist and Elipso are underimpressed. 'Twas a fine loot, I do not see why they do not agree!

They are sure making a ruckus over furniture..

Hmm, could it be more than furniture?

Sil and Belan bid farewell to the lootees and head to a safe spot to split the loot.

Even when split in half, it was quite a pile of loot indeed!

After dividing up the loot and escorting it to Belan's house, Sil wants to have a look around the place where Belan lives..

A fine roof Belan has, but what is that bright green box with nightshade on top and dead bodies laying all around it?

I'm still amazed a trap this obvious, in fact, designed to be obvious, creates so many corpses. :) Many a time Belan's mules are hidden in her house working and hear someone gassing themselves on her roof..

Belan's tinker is a grandmaster. :)

Later that day, Belan ran into pimpinaintez in Khaldun.

pimpinaintez wins the 'original threat of the month' award!

I assume this is the equivalent to "If we were in Felucca.." but when one is actually in Felucca. :)

..That does not stop pimpinaintez from foreseeing doom..

Nay, not everyone winds up a lootee. Elipso's loot could have easily been prevented!

Surprisingly pimpinaintez agrees. :)

As it was Crazy Joe who called in Belan, Belan passes the half of the loot off to him. Looters are a rather close-knit bunch, honor must be upheld!

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