Episode #1:
The Unattended Macro'er Vs. Corran Horn, Matey Of The Sea


Well I was off, searching Britannia for another soul on a boat, nearly an hour later (after being eluded by a fisherman) i meet Astro Smurff, so I check to see if he is a unattender...


I get no response, I begin to feel angry at the site of his fizzles at Earthquake and i know now that he is a unattended macro'er. And I, Corran Horn, have to take it appon myself to serve justice that manys so many gm's wont do.


I give my farewell to him and say to myself that, pirate thing is really fun once you find a victim..


I realize that this kill only took one arrow, Astro Smurff was a newbie and macroing in my territory! If I see this knave again , I shall cut him down before he can say Hail.

My First Episode So Dont Flame Me, Im Still Learning!
*Waits For My Chance To Kill Playy*