Episode #10:
The 3rd Chesapeake Drake Tournament

Ahh, the 3rd Chesapeake Tournament.

I come late again *hey i think i have a pattern now* and here is who was there.

First Match
Me vs. littleblue

o yeah FireBird came late.

the fight starts!

hmm, i like my trained drake.


I WIN! :)

2nd Match
Sarissa vs.Saint Vincent

Close match

Panic is barely ahead.

Deathscthe flies away and Panic wins.

o yeah i sure did.

Match for 3rd Place
Saint Vincent vs. littleblue

hehe need i say anything?

ye, at least he did hurt him

me thinking about stuff
me vs. littleblue = my drake at half life
Saint Vincent vs. Sarissa = close even match
Saint Vincent vs. little blue = Saint Vincent owns
hence i would get owned by Sarissa
*if thats too crazy for you then you dont know math!*

saw this coming? :P i joke i joke

Last Match!
Me vs Sarissa

no im not ready, i got to tie my shoes!

HEY! i wasnt ready!

teaching some moves to Slain

Close match

maybe my match was wrong?

arr i lost *mind my language :)*
my drake flies away *got healed a little to after the end and before this pic*

Sarissa and Panic Win!

kah, im 2nd place and never first

Winning Pose

my book from Saint Vincent


the talking llama, whats next?

*thanks to Saint Vincent for hosting the tourny and i hope you dont leave :(*