Episode #12:
Soloing with Fresh Tamed Dragon Vs. Balron

I decided on chesapeake to solo a balron with a fresh tamed dragon! *o boy i was stupid then wasnt i?*

There wasnt a dragon in daemon temple so i look around and found the dragon walking around and lured it to a boat that dock was open.

I gave it a good name.  Maybe this will help me :)

NOPE!  Man that was fast, i need a new dragon and a new plan...

I needed the dragon quickly so i used the wall *bah*

Gave it the name!

This time im gonna use my perfect plan :)

Damn im doing little damage with Balron KillerII

RUN!  keke my plan was to use gate when almost dead and was he almost dead!

I return after vetting him and see a man with 3 white wyrms.... kah

He kills the balron.

He takes on the next balron so i decide to help him and saved one of his wyrms before dying.

Ah, he left so i go do my plan with the new balron

A great plan it is, see I can heal my dragon before the Balron can be barely healed at all.

I come back this time causing some good damage!

Close, and my dragon is getting hurt.

RUN! gaw maybe this gate technique should be taken out?

i come back and start to kill it!  No big troubles this time.

Woot!  Killed a Balron by Solo'ing with a fresh tamed dragon! :)

Here he is Balron KillerII

well thats him before my computer crashed on me at ogre lords and he died.  Well i guess he is better at Balrons then Ogre Lords.
G'Day mate and have a nice Dragon Heaven?