Episode #14:
Random Pics of a Normal Day for Me

Well i log in for some reason in the middle of no-where, i guess i was doing something yesterday but forgot :)

At bucs i see Theif *chessythief on stratics boards*

bah, i had to show this, USING THE SERVER LINE! CHEATER!

Some one attacking me

Few more people
*Just to note, this is my favorite running spot in bucs*

bah, mages cant do anything on me except gankage

arg, i was trying to get a silver/vanq axe but a mage was trying to para' explosion me *really annoying*

About 3 people here are attacking me, someone is mad down there

He lost the silver/vanq axe, but now has a silver/power one
hmm what to do....

i disarm steal

got this at bank

bah, newbie, i was annyoing Spectrum earlier today.
He isnt that hard.

My one flaw, the server lines like to freeze me up for long time

Corran Horn
I just got a few runes on my stuck spot runebook *a gm deleted my old one full of spots*

keke, i trap her
too bad she can recall... *damn!*

My spot in brit

Went to bucs, saw a weird things....


Going to Tera Keep
Im doing fine except i lag for like 30 secs and die *arg*

My corpse is grey and me too....
i am the only person here, and im not a thief, how...?

Some newbie loot from a corpse thats blue!

*playy, a fellow L/V member* only playy will know that

I decided to try to gm alchy, WAY TO EASY!
I see someone is talking to someone


oo i see, he is overloaded and has 300 more scrolls


errr, im not brave but im a man!

They ask me to come to their Pub

Their names, SPAM THEM!

yeah, weird coming from me eh?

I log out with 98 alchy :)

*NOTE: 2 days later i finish off the skill*