Episode #15:
Test Center Fun

Test Center is up *first time in some time*
Time for some fun :)

Me and Shady Smurf were doing this on a diff. shard a week ago or so

err sure not a newby...

keke some more death

A FAN! well... he just noticed my name

Im glad they spend their 1 million wisely

after killing Zeanon, he comes back and kills me
*arg i sometimes hate dexxers*


he comes and attacks me! well it wasnt that hard

some more fun on the death boat


he comes back again! so i kill him

bah, i got owned by 2 mages

3/3/0 and i have killed like 20 people now!

Smoky Joe and Pan meet death

and Pan came back for more...

ARG! 4vs1 isnt fair!

4/4/0 counts now

dum de dum

Bah, i got killed by my bs right when i turn red...

welp, this is enough i guess

I counted that i killed 26 people *no horse too!* before i turned red