Episode #16:
Corran Horn, De Pirate of de Seas

Finally gm'ed archery on this char so i decided to get him red :)

yeah...short term something

My 2nd Kill! First Murder Count!

While I did kill him, he logged onto his other char on diff. account and was able to kill
my not prepared pirate.

My first count :)

the Goddess doesnt want to give me a donation.

So she meets death!  Too bad I cant loot her since of the server line going through the middle.
And giving me my 2nd Murder Count.

Hmm I log out for some reason and when I re-loged...


hey...that was wasted

3 Murder Counts later...

He seemed to be not there at first by then he runs!  Im right behind him until he
hits another boat and I kill him.

Theres some nice loot, 100-200 of each reg, food, and a Ship Key :)

I get this little message about me being a known murderer!
woot!  Im finally red.

Arr, a boat I will remember in my pack!