Episode #17:
Corran Horn does Third Dawn!

I rarely use third dawn (mainly on my tamer or my
thief to give a challenge).

Yeah...thats me...zoomed in...

Me saluting!  I guess to American troops.

Hmm, can you notice im in trammel?

OMG!  The light was blinding!  But cropping it kinda made it darker...doh


Provoke time

Zoomed in Daemon

A Blade Spirit.

A Energy Vortex, blade spirit and drake.

Hmm me leet!

Ogre lord time!

gaw are they ugly are what?  I wonder how they eat with teeth going up that high?

Just chillin...like a villian...

I dont think many would agrue with me :)

A nice note to do, that causes sooo much lag

It seems uo knew I was making fun of it and all the sudden it closed and I saw...