Episode #18:
Corran Horn does Third Dawn Part II!

This time with the new Scenario!

The new swamp dragon, looks kinda big and ugly thing.

I saw a pic with people at Wrong so I go there.
INSTA-KILL!  I didnt even have a chance.

Hmm I dont mind being a ghost on 3d.

woah...its like God wanted me to be alive.

*Fears trammel bank*

Alot of swamp dragons around.

Hrmm!  I want to check this out.

It does now!  But I dunno for Felucca.

I finally get a tip to go to Yew and see many people there.
Order Dragoon...?  I havnt seen one since this.

KEKE!  Corran Horn and Whistler together again!
*Note: Only Star Wars fans from X-Wing series would know this*

Damn!  Miss alot of loot.  and the Dawn person.

Aha.  So that is how you get them.  TAMERS NEEDED

I want one!  Seriously, I do...


I should learn how to sleep on the bed instead of my horse...

arg, I cant seem to find a solo swamp dragon that isnt being ganked.

this is a Chaos Dragoon.

Hmm... Can you guess who this is?
A hint:  From Thief forum, a girl... *thats all you really need*

Yep :) Lone.  She crazy as usual.  I knew I should stop spaming.

Yeah... can you guess what is gonna happen really soon?

Some leet armor!

More leet armor!


2d now!

Forest ossies...I really wish OSI has some 2d artists

I kill them to check the loot.

Scales is how the leet armor is made.

I see if Lone is around...nope...me bored

I start to tame a swamp dragon.

And Get It!

bah and I log, too boring.