Episode #19:
Atlantic Thief Party
*Thank You Falcon for hosting it :)*

I come in to have a good time!  and perhaps to get a good item or 2 :)

Hmm I head to Falcon's tower and see that Snoopy is dead already...

A Dragon statue for best insult.


I have nothing in mind

Nemesis making fun of himself too!

So nice...

Locke Wins :)

New Game: Hide 3 Glacial Staves in bags around Njelhom *sp or whatever*

Whoops, I didnt win..

New Game:  Few locked down magic items, they will be released at random.

Some kills here.  Falcon getting a little mad.

New game...

Contest of Wit!  Im gonna lose...

Me lose

New Game:  Loot Falcon at certain place, but look at what he is wearing!

I wouldnt mind some of that...

Hyloth, one of the dungens I rarely go to.

But looky who got armor.  :) keke

Another Game:  Falcon wants new rune book ideas.  I win by suggesting a T-Map Library.
I win a Bucket :)

Yeah man.  Thanks Much :)

wtf is this?  I never seen this before.