June 7, 2001
Episode 2:
Dalen, The l33+ Tram

Note: I had no regs on me to nightsight so the pics maybe a little dark

Well another day in Brittamia, I decide to take Laylan, my thief, to trammel to visit Shame to gain healing and get some easy gold. Eventually i run into Dalen from the guild  "Gods Of War" and he seemed to be a bit angry when i took his karma and loot from his kills.


After telling me to "go away" a few times he decides to use the "F" word on me! Yep thats right "fekker."


After realizing that "fekker" isn't gonna do it he proceeds to make threats on my life.



His next threat is one of the most educated ive ever heard. "i will now have my guild kill u" By this time i am wetting my pants from fear.


"u suk u can kill it" i think he means "cant" but yeah i cant, i only got wrestling


After awhile i got bored of 1st level and met my dismise to the air elementals when i lost connection.


note (4-16-02): 
The day after this episode I saw Dalen and his other
guild members at yew gate and they proceeded to attack me, too bad I got away :) with a few of their items! keke *and yes I still remember it after about a year has passed, sad isn't it?*