Episode #22:
Siege Town Stealing

After working on my Siege thief for some time, I believe he is ready for town stealing >.<
*But he only has like 88 stealing, all his other skills are below 60 :(*

Time to steal some regs at the bank



Yeah 40 hiding sucks

New target, Id staff


Success again!

I get happy when I hide

New target, 3 scrolls

Success!  Me so good :P

The guy in the orc mask is selling the Power Longsword to jared (a nice magic weapon holder on Siege)

He doesnt like me annoying them with snooping so he gates out (err that helps me)
So he gates to the top of Wrong Enterence!  At first they get ready to attack me but I steal and when Im running in the gate, it disapears...arg...but I notice there is a tele square and I run on top of it and get the hell out of there.

I have 50 magery, no runes, so guess what?
yeah just noting how long the run is and the trouble im going to get in soon...

eep. I have no idea who it is but maybe I stole from him earlier.

I really need to get a way to heal myself


no need for para...im already stuck...and dead

yeah a smart thief learns to bank

Only if they had spirit speak...who knows how great that skill is...

Its like the whole world came to the side where I can steal all at once!

What did I get you say?

well not great but eh

keke I must steal these all the time, its my flaw

Its blue...

Some gate scrolls


damn guard called guards...

UOA giving me entertainment

After I rezzed, my horse seemed to dissapear...wtf...

I tried for those scrolls again but fail


ooo...can you guess where I am going?

Off to see the wizard..err orcs

Suprising to me, they are not here!

No objections? none? ok its mine


All the sudden these guys appear

and just like that they are gone

fine Ill put the horse in their small tower!

Jane Doe *one who I suck at stealing gate scrolls from* loses 2 rez scrolls :P

They dont notice Im perma or dont know what it is...

I get the royal gank but they really suck :P

I get away and hide, while Im hidden at the bank my horse goes untamed
DOH!  they run by so I try to tame it quickly but they come back and I make a run for it.

I lasted a long time *I ran around this building like 5 times trying to hide but failing* before dying

yeah we hate each other >.<

I love this pic