Episode #23:
Phoenix's First Day Out

Im close to finishing my Pacific Faction thief Phoenix and take him out for his first time.

Yew Litches is always a good target to pk or steal.

Someone is around with all these corpses.

Ahh, not that bad of weapon, I greet him then run off like Im attacking Litches too.  But to really dump my horse off.

Because Gm hiding/Gm Stealth is a great combo!

Now since I have no disarm, Ill just have to wait till he disarms his weapon.
But he is sitting still for like 3 mins now...

Finally he goes and attacks some litches.

eh...I wanted to kill him but I remembered I only had 75 magery.

Oooo, Im hoping he casts cure or drinks a potion...but no he cures with bandies...

While I wait, I check his guild and his char info


damn it! I missed him

I get my horse back and I realized I still dont even have recall in my spell book, whoops

A good spell, really need it to get on my boat

Well this was my last powerhour on pacific, might as well use it.

Good bye powerhour!