Episode #24:
assassin's First Trip

My LJ, C.J. is now an Assassin on Chessie.  He finally gmed his Lumberjack *yeah for me*
and got some hiding and stealth and now checking it out.

Near Yew Litches this guy is in his tower, Im hoping for a sneek kill in it :)

DOH, damn lock

But just right above the tower there is 3 people and they are all grey....

They are spar'ing *reminds me of old days*

I know this will be hard since it looks like 2 guys are well trained *and the tribal spear holder is in chaos*

This is my time to attack, i stealth up to him

JUST WHEN I WAS GONNA ATTACK HIM...2 mages come through a gate and they follow them into the tower

Well I didnt feel like hanging around so I left.

I go back to Litches and see someone has been here.

Lothos is killing some litches with magery

I attack him, but then I get this lag that I have been having for the last week
*weird lag, not like normal, its like client or something but I just updated to LBR and it still happens...wtf*

Yeah, it was a long fight, I would start winning, I would lag, he heals and comes back, I run and heal, and back and forth till one time I laged while he was attacking me and fell.

Yeah got to end with a wierd pic since im a weird guy!