Episode #25:
C.J. Does Some More Work

Shame is soo great for targets, and easy ones

He is only a Master mage, this should be easy, just got to take care of his dragon.

But a guy shows up with 2 golems, Im gonna have to use my brain

I find it funny that he wants to help in case a pk shows up and Im just hidden in the hallway.

Well his 2 golems are near death so he leaves.

To make it short. I attack him but he is in guard mode so his dragon attacks me so I have to run and hide, then I cast gate in the 1x1 spot to yew litches and lure his dragon in it.  Then I attack the tamer, he runs *tries to recall but I disrupt him* and I get that weird lag...Well after running for like 20 seconds I find him just standing around and I start attacking him, he tries to recall but I get him first :)


This is my first True Assassin kill :)

Gated the mare to my house, Ill deal with it later.

And better yet, I got no count, weird but good

The tinker is back

I get revealed so I talk to him


I go on TC for a min to see if I can redeed my house for a bigger one and get caught in a trap.

and another one

Well back to C.J. Ryan is in his house, I try to open it to see if it is locked and it isnt, and he doesnt even move.

I stealth up and attack him

Easy kill, he wasnt there

When Im done looting, he came back :P

No count either! woot

Me and GoodGuy go on his boat and find some unattended macroers, GoodGuy has killed *or attempted* like 2 guys but they have gotten away and so it is my turn this time :)

He doesnt do anything and a few seconds later....

...he dies

Well I guess he was there because he starts to move the boat.

He gets away and I get a count :P eep my first assassin count

I find a boat that was unlocked, Im on that boat and GoodGuy is on the boat with the bullseye.
But we both had to log soon after and no one was there.

New person at litches now, a mage

Well I attack...

And get the lag again, I swear wtf is up with that, I dont even try and he gets away.