Episode #26:
C.J. Does Some Mass Killing at Tera Keep

Because of Patch 16, only reds can cast field spells on others *except blues casting on reds* and I decieded to go purple pot mad at tera keep.  I take along Thief (chessythief) with me so he can look around before me since he is blue.

I have to stealth around the long way because I dont want to step on someone or have someone cast EQ while I am on the screen.

My pack, mainly Purple Pots and like 10 of each reg.

Im just about to be ready to cast Poison Field on the Ledge.

WELL I didnt take any pics of the action but I got 2 poison fields on the ledge.  But I died pretty quickly after that.  According to Thief I killed 3 people. :)

Pic of my profile showing all the people poisoned.

Some more poisoned people.

Now they are starting to attack back :P


I couldnt get another spell off and was dead.

Well Thief tells me that I killed 3 people and I got NO COUNTS LOL, :)