Episode #27:
Corran Horn playin around on Siege

I havnt played in a few days and logged into my Siege thief.

First thing I notice, Im not in LBC anymore...doh...2nd thing, Im In COM...doh...3rd thing I get ganked!
Well I log out and leave my char be at the COM Base.

I log in again later and now im out of COM, woot but still not in LBC :(

BUT IM IN COM BASE!  It wont let me out.  Damn it

Cant even teleport.

Thank god err osi for Tele Help.

Hearts is a fun game to play to pass the time.


Forgot the prices of horses.

Thankfully I have 45 taming

Poppin Pouches at bank

I go in gate and its to deciet.  I deciede to make this guys pack empty

I steal his 92 gold while in the dungeon.

rofl.  He must be very new to only have 92 gold

Now his 1 raw meat.

His leather cap....

And his liquir bottle!  Cleaned his pack easily.


"i have" poor bastard

Eh I steal from the Rich and POOR

Yeah I knew that already

The guy that gated him comes to help.

Well I start to steal all of his bandages

I steal the other stack of bandies but right after I get this lag that I was experiencing like 1 week ago for 5 days...
Im getting scared about my conn instead of staying alive.

I die easly because this lag wont let me move.

DAMN IT!  This was what was happening 1-2 weeks ago.  Above.net is shitting out on me and pinging me at 600+.
Last time it lasted 5 days.  Im pissed off.

Well see how long it lasts....