Episode #28:
C.J. the assassin killing some phools

I go to Elder Gazers room and see Kass there alone killing Elder Gazers,  I get ready to kill her once she is low on life *She is in full Invul plate with gold spear...that hurts*

Well I icq cam seeing if he would help but he is busy 8x8ing *Gaw he rezzes in stat loss like everytime*

Well RIGHT BEFORE I AM GOING TO KILL HIM....2 friends show up and they help him...

Just looking at them I know this is gonna be hard, Im think maybe I can kill one quickly, run and maybe lure one then kill her and then another...but

I got to wait till the right time and sometimes that is a LONG TIME.

This is about wait after 30 mins...

Finally they leave and I notice Maria is a laggy one and is behind....so what to do :P

She wasnt that hard to kill.  2 hits with my axe and a fireball and she was dead.

Then her friend Red Sonya attacks me and meets her fate with the ground.
See I got 22k off them?  I hide it in a special spot while Kass and a new friend (Val) come back to attack me.

2 vs 1 wasnt pretty when one has gold spear and other is a mage.  I lagged for a second and was dead.
Oh well.  I kept most of my loot *just lost a dp kat and some potions*

When I went back to get my gold, Val and Kass were still there so I recruited GoodGuy to help me.  But he had no rune to shame so I had to leave then gate back in and I guess within that time they left...  Oh well I made 22k ;)

UPDATE NOTICE:  I saw Kass again 2 times and Elder Gazers.  One tiem I killed her, the other the Elder Gazer killed her.  lol