Episode #29:
Hey, Im not dead!  Murder Forum Gathering


Brave, mod of murderer forum, set up an Angry event dealing with Xmas :)

I come as Angry Elf Horn

This is the crew we will be using

doh wrong angry event meeting

Off to bucs we go

Soothsayer is our first target

We surround and attack!

He tries to fight back...

But Fails :)

But he does give us a present, a present of a murder count

Here we are attacking VVicked

We cant kill him :P  All of us keep on wiffing

And we all die off >.<

P J is a new target and he dies

hehe all those bodies




toO'L is another xmas victim

Here we are at stocking up on supplies when we notice some neighbors are around...

They wont come out but this ettin wants to play

we are going back to bucs...but

We kill GOBLINKING first :P

well...where have ye all gone?

We go back and fight those neighbor's guildmates

These are from a tower just north

4/4 now

Same pic but with all names

dead again >.<

we are starting to die off and some are leaving

Vader wants to duel this tamer but he just changes the topic saying insults and such
At one time he goes like "im not a twink" then he casted Cor Por, and does nothing :P

Bah I wanted to eat dinner so i didnt join

But I stayed around for a min later and shouldnt of !

Wierd thing is that they knew I was Corran Horn, wtf!

Here is the tamer squad

cause ya gank good?

I wish them a merry xmas and then promptly ban me :(