Episode #30:
New Years Resolution...to grief!

I recall to my house to transfer my ethy to my fencer but when i see 2 names on all names.

So I stealth up and see its this guy wrestling his Golem named wrestle

I go up and snoop him, noticing he has no recation, I believe he is unattended

>.< I started to use my 20 stealing and random steal!


I just about cleaned his pack

COMPLETE, he had like 90 of each reg and some food

Now that he is clean, i log on to Wes Janson, my fencer, to finish the golem off

When I come back, I noticed he moved! But he goes back unattended so i proceed to kill the golem


I give him a last chance

to stop me....

welp! he is too late

So I hide and wait for him to wake up from his "sleep"

So I go and play Copter

I see he is awake

I was trying to act like Joe, but didnt want to say "trace" stuff

It isnt? I think it is!

thats nice, i like new neighbors


Happy New Years