Episode #31:
A normal day with LaP

The day starts off with me in tram moonglow

Seeing people trying to recall off a rune at a bank is like luring a tamer with 100k.  I must get!

Hehe, looks like he is mad

That is what we call, suxxors


Testing out some Necro stuff

Minion is kinda like a packy

I can become into a wraith :)

Spirit Speak will now heal yourself every time you do the skill

The damage you do and is done to you appears over their heads...
*reminds me of past*

If you spirit speak around a corpse, it absorbs it.

Another transformation...the horrific beast!


Killed Billy here with 40 swords, 40 necro

We are waiting for Cam to come around for a rez

He must like my 'security'

What we do alot, we fight all the time


CfC talk, they call cam 'E'

Billy has a little prison in his house, easy gankage!

With blood oath, i can kill like everyone!