Episode #32:
My Custom Houses

These are just custom houses I built on TC, Im figuring my house will be kinda like one of these I hope

1st House - Marble Style

Outside the house


First Story, the corner tele is for all *will show were to after a few more pics*


2nd Level, outside balcony


Here is how it looks from the balcony


3rd floor, the tele is only for Co-Owners, will show where to below


This is the little balcony on 3rd floor


This is the Co-Owners section, place for secures and safe zone


This section is for everyone


You can drop here to 3rd floor balcony.


2nd House - Tower Style

A little different look

You see swamps inside the little areas with a stone door to get in

4 Teles to get to different places

One to this section, where you can attack from the side

The other to this side

The other tele is to the 2nd floor

2 rooms right here, for Co-Owners only, for secures, etc

Just a nice room, maybe for duels and such

Prison, only way out is for the owner to let them out :)

The tele goes to the roof *owner only*

Can jump to 3rd floor if wanted to :P

Or just to the ground!