Episode #33:
Wes Janson, the assassin of LA

Finally finished my assassin on LA *very late* and take him out on his first day red!

Here I start out in Covetous Level 2, I see a dead body...but no one else around

I camp outside the entrance.  Waiting around is 50% of what an assassin does...

After awhile I head to Yew Litch Ruins and I see some sign of life!


Someone is near


ARMADILLO is killing these litches and must be punished!



Uhh...I guess the litches can handle themselves without me!


Loot is always nice, no count needed :P


Now Im running around Shame, checking the popular spots


But seeing no one in sight...sigh


I head to Destard next! and guess what, a dragon kills Timeron right in front of me! heh


I check out the mountains above Minoc, and find and kill Beatrix


While heading back to Shame, Alias was found killing Earth Eles.  After a little battle I finish him off with my poison.


Just after Lord Mask comes with Full Val Suit and such.  I cannot kill him and he cant kill me so I call on a friend for help and he dies without that much trouble.


Just chillin'.... like I said, assassins wait alot...


I head back to Minoc area and find Proteus around, he was an easy kill


And his beetle had some nice loot


Next I find a miner...weee



Not really any pics about this, but Austin and I were fighting each other for like 30 mins, it wasnt that I cant kill him, it was that he just barely even left his house.  I almost got him a few times.


2 mages, Roland and Hessie-James start to attack me.  I drop Hessie with my LP and chase down Roland.



This is his corpse


Roland was calling me a Hiding/Poisoning using newbie...funny that they were doing 2vs1 on me...


This was the funniest thing, Silent Bob runs up to me, attacks me, I LP him right away, he must had no way to cure because he started to run and drops soon after....


I find Captain Jack inside his tower, I try to sneak in but right when Im  at his door, one of his friends show and we start a long battle that lasted for like 1 hour.


One of many times I killed Captain Jack


Tremere, Jack's friend, likes to summon creatures to attack me


Rah Roh!


I noticed that Jack's armor is all insured...I have killed him like 4 times now, so that is alot of gold he wasted


Another death pic of Jack


Ouch from time to time they almost get me


Again Jack dies :P


Rah Roh!


Damnit! I never was able to get Tremere, he always was able to run inside and cure before I could kill him.


Well after like 1 hour, Tremere summoned a Daemon, and along with them all, they finally killed me *The daemon casted a spell while I was running*

It was fun tho, They rezzed me and I bid them farewell.


Guess what!  I check the mare spawn and see Hessie-James! *I just killed him not long ago, 10 or so pics above*


I get in perfect position.  Notice he is carrying a weapon...he is a mage...no weapon skills :)


First hit, LP, this is after 2 hits


He seriously dropped in 4 seconds...hehe next time that will teach others to carry magic weapons *for luck* while in fel!



He doesnt know that im around, he rezzes, I kill him and take away some gold from his auto-insuring arse!


Hey Hey! Guess who again.  Fengryus the miner!  I can let you guess how this ended.

Until Next Time!