Episode #34:
Wes Janson, the assassin of LA Part II

After Episode 33 I decided to take a break, but a few hours later I log back onto my assassin for some more fun.

At Covetous I see Beatrix...no way not the same from before!

Looks like it!  Right when I get ready to attack so runs off and I couldnt find her...damn

I head to Despise and see Paratus and Xseries killing the ettin spawn.  After a little battle Paratus drops.

Then his friend Xseries drops :)

Note that I got no armor before.  So when Paratus comes back, I see his armor isnt insured anymore! So I kill him again and loot it all/

Well after awhile I got bored and wondered if I could LP a wandering healer...guess i can :)

They sure have alot of hit points

I was tired of waiting and finished it off.

I now headed off to Shame... and some dead eles...

BEATRIX AGAIN!  my luck!

Well when I started to get close again she ran off...I guess she has tracking or she would of known both times...

I go to Minoc area and find Azylum running around by his house...I decide to make him stop

After no action in some time, I head back to my house to drop off loot.
Then all the sudden The Father runs by, I hurry and drop him...and boy did he have some nice loot on him and beetle

I was battling this axer for the longest time, neither could win so we both parted ways

I finally die! this time from Guard Zone...someone was hidden there and called on me.  Not much loot that was on me tho, just armor and such I got from other people.  Almost like teasing me to go back in there for some of my equipment.

Ice dungeon I go and I find someone killing the Artic OLs.  Notice Marilyn has a weapon when he is a mage...always a nice kill.

Silly mages shouldnt wear weapons!

Until Next Time!