Episode #35:
Wes Janson, the assassin of LA Part III

I log on today, check covetous and see Maryn there all alone. So i decided to take her out!

Tsk tsk tsk, even your mare wont help you now




Nice loot! also a +10 taming ring! Now just to get my tamer more than 60 taming...


I head back later that day and notice someone is about.


Kyra seems to be busy killing mares


Damn pesky buggers who run around are hard to catch up with


Now its time, she is at lower health!


Har!  Its nice to see this


She moved like 5 steps before dying :P


I head back outside and see a gate...


Joesph Provactor decided to come along and kill some mares also!  I got rid of him


Now the fun part, some friends showed up, tamers it looks like.


Perfect time to attack! got to take them out one a time


mike drops without that much trouble, now for the other 3


xxx looks like your not gonna live long!



Guess not!


har har! all dead!



Guess who shows up! Beatrix! but i couldnt get in time to attack her


A gate pops up and the ghosts enter


Time to drop off the loot.  Took me time times around to drop it all.  That is a 500-600 of each reg, 100 of each necro regs, 60 purple pots, various armor and misc stuff among with gold.


OK, at this point im at my house and doing things in rl, chessythief of stratics decided to see what is happening and goes there with a newbie char and sees what they are saying.  These are a few that he took.

They are tryin to figure out who just killed them :P


Well I guess xxx decided to kill thief and he gives a count.


Now they are calling me a newbie that hide ganks?  That is my skill and my profession...sigh


Hehe xxx turns red from the count but doesnt realize it



OK, after some time I head back, these are mine again

Thief is warning me that there is quite a few people there



Right when I am like 1 screen away they gate away, damn it.  Me and thief wait around for like 30 mins but no one comes back...


So sad...