Episode #36:
Assassinating is the life for me!

After checking many places, I head to Ice Dungeon


Oooo...people around


2 Mages, one with a weapon...


Im waiting for a good time


Good time is coming, he is low on regs


OF COURSE I mess up, I forget I was on an ethy and tried to take a step, i ran, attacked Bonnie, got her low but I too early targeted M.M and Bonnie was able to heal so I had a little trouble.

After a little run, I finally got M.M and lower Bonnie's health


Then I LP her :)


Gots to love the dropage


Marilyn is coming for help...remember name from a previous episode? ^^


Well he didnt help...


This has to be a great picture!  0 Health, still running, ghost as my paperdoll!  Guess im dead! arg damn axers


But of course my poison takes him out just after me!


Eh, What do i see? 2 blues in dungeon in fel killing monsters...So I kill them



Heh, from previous episode! rawr


Sure...just before this I was rez killed





Uhhh title?


Well after that I run home and friend a Healer


My new house, just customed it that day :)