Episode #38:
Sometimes you just have to answer the ICQ...

Late during the night I dont usually check my ICQs because I'm busy watching a movie or something.  But this time I did...

And boy am I glad :P

This is what happens:

Draegon ICQs me asking for some gold and boat on Chesapeake.  I was just going to give him like 20k and let him buy it all.
He was also asking for a house location.  If you know him...you know how he talks when he needs ya :P  Seems he found someone dropping their house to place a custom instead.  While it was dropped he wasted the guys time while I made my way down.  Once there, I pk'ed the guy and drae brings the house look to a villa near that he is friended to.  The funny thing is RIGHT BEFORE I CAME THERE, he was stating how people in UO are so nice and such...oh I just ruined that I did :P

He then comes back with his mage, proceeds to summon a daemon and lets it attack me...i just walk in the villa and its banned and since he is gray .... *evil smirk*  I then take the mage down without any trouble (Both killed with Explo-Ebolt...I am guessing he doesnt know much about armor from AoS)

Drae then places a small tower and transfer the loot over to that house :)

What I get: 
-My check back
-Around 150 of each reg
-Some Armor
-Misc Loot
-Some Level 1 artifacts

Drae gets:
-2 Full Jars
-3 LARgE rocks
-Like 5 Each Doom Rare
-6-20k each reg
-About 500k in BOD cloth

Little bit better for him, but oh well, I don't care :)

Just another day pissing people off :)

Here is ICQ log, note its from bottom to top, left to right

Bottom to Top


Sorry for no pics!  But Im too lazy! :)