Episode #39:
An assassin's plan!  And it failed oh soo well

I hatch a plan for my assassin to do, and because I was bored


Look at map, notice where I am?




So far, so good




Heh, bankin some stuff...




I can still get neon hair if I want!  :)  That is great if I wanted it...



Damnit no one at bank, cant test out my plan!





Ok, this can be tricky...must get around them without being revealed...






Skara always has someone! I hope


Wee i get to test this out.



Doh!  Guards killed me before I even swinged


Im gonna try again, maybe it was a fluke



Here is a mule looking char...


Damnit!  Plan=Failed!


In case you dont notice what my plan was, I wanted to stealth around towns, with only a DP;ed weapon, attack/DP them, let myself get guardwacked while hoping they cant cure and die also...but I cant do that with NPCS around and their Insta Guard Calling


I go to Bucs gate and see Al here all alone...


Good quick death, got to love it, and yes I let the horse live


Back to my fav spot


And someone here!


A tamer too!


Had to wait till she mounted her mare because it might be alitte harder with one attacking me 

Little troubled beginning, almost outran her :P But got the LP in



Another nice clean death...

Both times i had only gloves and helm on!  No other armor or equipment! (Except 20 bandies...) ^^


Oh yeah, 1000 hits on site since the 15th :)