Episode #41:
Stealing Post AOS, Still Fun

Welcome to Pac, this is my 2nd Episode with this thief, last one didnt go to well.  Now its post AOS, New world for a thief.


First I need regs, damn spells do alot of damage


That should do!


err...guess not.


Enjoying my old game I use to play, snooping over and over while players call guards :)




Now to stealing.  This group seems to be house killing reds, they wouldnt mind if I take some stuff...


Well at least one does!



Damn AoS


One thing still in UO after being nerfed as much as a thief...looting!  And I love it



This Necro was following me awhile trying to steal my loot from me!


Wheres Waldo...?


more goodies!


Hehe, they already hate me





Yeah  :)


Uhh...really?  Then why did I steal that.


1 person following me...


3 Now...


4 Now....weee



:)  Mage Thieves are love


But I need armor, a thief will no armor will die quickly!


Alot of people are chasing me now, need to be careful :P


Notice difference in name?  I was waiting for him to disarm it but couldnt! arg would of been nice steal tho!



Had to bolt since I couldnt heal myself anymore and notice gray on corner of screen.... :P


Until Next Time!