Episode #42:
The Europa Tournament of Champions

Hey all, been awhile so I decided to upload a new (err old) episode to show Im still around


Here we are in the middle of the Jolhem pits.

Lots of talking...

Even though we are not allowed :(

What a ...flag

2 people of the next match

New title, Ref.

2 members of the other group

Ahh Halona....!


They want us to shutup :P

Hmm...do I see bribes!

2 next members in the fight

All the ghosts made a serious lag

Here come the spammers...

We are warned if we talk again, we get tele'ed out


The GM's started to tele people out...and of course I get put in the middle of no where...


Trying to stay alive...



A heard of ghosts! or is that a flock?

Got to love fans...kah :P

Who doesnt love me!

Munky wants to marry me...keke

Rofl I smell a plan

Uhh...this was during world series...fuck the angels and rally monkey...

Mass suicide :P

Yeah and the rest sucked...lates!