Episode #43:
New game: Unreal Tournament 2003...omgooses!

Hello all!  I barely play UO anymore and waiting for SWG I need to pass time, so today I pick up UT 2003 at the store :)

I have played some Unreal and Unreal 2 but I'm not that great at FPS games.

Wraith is deeeeeeead

ooo graphics...remember I normally play console games or UO all the time so this is really nice!

Fear my shitty aim :P

Shooting in the back roxxors


I love this gun

Rah roh, can you guess what is going to happen?


Oww...and oooo

Die biotch!

Dude she is PMS'ing!


Rocket Launchers are always nice

She looks different! and waaay to close...

One last person...and

I R WINNAR!  Remember this is like my first time playing so I still suck!

I give Unreal Tournament 2003 a 10/10
Get it....now!