Episode #44:
Corran Horn - The SIEGE Thief

Being bored with UO I try my luck with my old Siege thief since there is no insurance there.  Might be some fun again...

Hmm I get some reward I guess for being in AoS

Hmm no real big deal clothing...

You gots to roxxor

Hmm dye it myself

Do that later...like ill ever need it on siege except for stats


Would we all...

Successful steal and chase!

Still have shitty hiding..need to raise that one day

All for a tunic ^^

Watching these 2 blues chase this red...maybe ill get some loot

But it goes on forever and the 2 blues cannot kill him...sigh

Some more fans...kah

Z here is talking like a crate...oh noes

My pot steal macro ^^

Then right after CheapSuit steals my stolen cutlass!

I'm influential?  crap...maybe I should set a good example...

Needed another horse since last one wouldn't listen to me.

Random gate jumping and I see this guy has a lute! ^^ I got his lute

Yeah...In the middle of no where.

I surely wished I installed UOAM sometimes...

But I find home...eventually.

He is back!

Town steal his other lute :)

His friend starts to attack me and run out of GZ, oh well, time to log out of uo...and into...

UT2K3! weee

I was so pwning people on this newbie shard :) Winning every match by like 30 kills ^^