Episode #45:
SWG Beta...weee and selling my LA House...

CKY was bored with his SWG beta account and gave it to me, well I must DL every file which takes 4 hours...so I decide to sell my LA house, yeah :( for when I get a Siege house.

These are the last pics of my house, Outside

First floor

Second Floor

Third Floor with Fourth Floor shown

Another part of Third Floor

Welp, sold the house for a million gold, Thanks Cotaman! :)

Now on to SWG!

Took me literally almost an hour to create a char, not because there was alot of detail...it just took me ages to get a name I like!

Newbie missions, who cares about them

Keke kah

Oh...a died...


And again...

And AGAIN! gaw I need to stop fighting creatures that are hugely stronger than me :P

Finally I don't learn and attack him again :P

Oh wells, SWG is fun, but it gets boring because the worlds are TOO big, it takes time getting to places
We will see how it looks once it comes out on June 26th...maybe it will be cooler, but it remains kind of the same I probably wont be playing the game that long even though I'm a huge, huge, Star Wars fan.

6-17: And if you care, I placed a 16x16 on Siege inside the new FVO [Forgotten Villains of  Old] *Neon's Guild*
And the Siege Professionals seem to be having a good start.  Hope to see more Siege episodes soon!