Episode #46:
Siege oh Siege, what so fun, a stuck spot here and....fun?

Started off on siege today with making some of my old stuck spot marks, kind of hard with some of them because I cant get to certain spots anymore with old methods like the box trick and you cant E-Field in town :(  Oh well, time to test these spots out!

My first spot, Brit Bridge

Keke, got our "Wandering Healer"


Wha...Jesus scammed people!

Now time to lure some more FVO

Keke nappa is always an easy target to get :) He is just a life-long pinky

After awhile I try to get other runes, and cant get some of my favorite ones...so I try a basic rooftop rune but no one goes inside the gate....oh well

But I try again at Brit Bridge and "catch" GoodGuy and ScarFace

Make my leave...

It seems GoodGuy is a little upset

Of course I am love, who wouldnt love me


Now after goofing off around, some reds show up at the FVO Guild house near the Britain Moongate.  Of course they could easily kill us thieves with many only a few skills in RoT so basically its us 70 mages (Except for Neon's done char) against 5-7 reds who seem pretty complete!

This is a calm pic, usually the house is full of poison fields and Blade Spirits all around.

We try the everyone cast on one person at a time, it succeeds a few times, but usually we have to follow the guy outside to kill him :)

If you were a part of LaP, you would most likely know of our LaP vs CfC house wars.  It was basically assassins vs. scrolled mages.  But we usually won! hmm.

I try to kill a naked tamer that has a wyrm and mare following him (He is grey).  I attack him, get my first spell off, and 2nd spell I fizzle, remember 70 magery suxxors, so I get ganked by his pets and dry looted my regs :(

I come back later that day and it seems to be "Pick on Corran day" because Mr. T and Porn wont leave me alone!  The kept on stealing my stuff and I would have to get it back.  Finally I get upset, and get revenge and kill them both a few times.

KeKe ^^

Neon has a boat...ohgmooses

I kill Mr T again, but this time he needed to die!...so Neon could work on his Anatomy.... :)

Tune In Till The Next Episode