Episode #47:
Some more Siege Fun

Got some more stuck spot runes but have trouble getting town ones because you cant cast E-Field in town...damnit!


At Brit gate, Going to see who I can catch while going to my Britain Bridge rune.

Gasp!  I get nappa again, I swear these is getting too easy now!

Hate hate hate


Here is some new smithy char.  I show my welcome by stealing his ingots, then Path kills him!

Look what Neon did at brit gate :P

GoodGuy is showing a guy around the house so I show the new guy how we do it here!  So I kill GoodGuy...

Ok...GG is talking about stargate...am I the only one who is scared?

I  "do something" and now I have charges! roofles

I think GoodGuy is stoned...

I tell him again and again to make more...


Me and Mr. T go around Moonglow and we find some tamer with 4 fire leopards or whatever they are called.  I proceed to steal his bandages and he has his pets attack me.  Well I start to attack him back but by then his 4 tamer friends show up and heal him up then attack me!  Eep, I run, hide and wait to turn blue, I then come back, steal from Tom (Another tamer) and run, he runs into the guard zone yelling his Guards macro but nothing happens....

I'm getting a lot of Bolas so far from these tamers

I guess he thinks I am going to steal from him there and starts to spam again his macro.

Mr. T helped out at first with the tamer's fire pets then left...bah

I steal from them again

Now all of their friends are attacking me on sight if we are out of guard zone.

Ugh, I can survive against pets...except when the pet's magic para's me

I got ganked by tamers...damn

Right after Rezzing I steal the gold from one of the tamers at the gate and run away.  I come back and he is no longer around.

Ahh I found them...they are blocking the gate into Moonglow...

They hunt is on!  They see the red ToXiC and tell all of their pets to attack him.

I dunno if he died, but he did good against them all.

Then they turn their attention back on me and I get the hell out of there

One of the tamers is in a spot where I can town steal, so I try to steal his bandages since I have none on me...fail...damn

Now to go back and try again.

I fail again...I went again and failed....damn

I was snooping them and then all the sudden GM Odee shows!  I guess one of the tamers was having trouble with their Wyrm...

Odee's farewell was like "Farewell Citizens"
....WTF IS THAT....

White Eyes, one of the tamers, gets guard wacked for attacking someone....loot!

They were all just braging about killing PKs...when most of the time they will attacking thieves!  Thieves which are still newbies!

Us at FVO house chasing away someone from the guild house back to the moongate.

Yeah....everyone is saying Porn...makes me sick! :P


Until Next Time!