Episode #48:
A Long Day of Siege....really long, sucks for dialupers!

This is an episode of basically pictures I have taken during the day, some of it is good, some bad, do I care, nah....keke
85 pics in all, Dialup'ers hit back now while you have a chance!

I go and tame a bunch of horses to make a quick gold

But first I must kill wilderness things of course!

Bah I paged a gm asking for help on something, he told me to repage for some reason and when I did, I got no support :(

Yes you are....shrug

Off to SWG, beta only around for a few more days, got to get in all the free time I can get!

Keke gaining skill while trapping the butterflies ^^

Run Forest Run!


Back to UO

Toria is yelling at Alex Fox that if he doesnt leave her alone she would page a gm, so what do I do?  Town steal her magic kite shield!  Unnoticed too! :)

See my luck as trying to gate someone to a stuck spot...no one goes in, darn.

Pwning a deer irl owns!

Matron attacks me, I get away, she attacks someone else, doesn't get guard whacked for some reason, but right afterwards when she was looting the corpse, she gets whacked and I get loot, keke

Showing Path the love...


Back before me and CrazyJoe did this a few times on Siege, we would pretend one of us is a thief, and the other the victim, and we try to convince the thief is perma grey and have someone attack the thief, then the person would get guard whacked.

I play the Victim while Porn plays the thief, note he doesnt know Im doing this, but he plays along :)

Charun joins the fun, I see like 2 people almost attacking

Then some people starts to heal us all bah

So we stop and get back to stealing off people

Which I do...on foot...naked...without anyone calling guards...

I come back, I have nothing on me, so I plan to die..

And I do...:P

Mr T and I are stealing this axe back and forth...too back he has crappy stealing and fails alot :P

Another Town steal...


I been stealing alot of regs lately and afterwards shoving them in my bank as supply

Doh, I tried to steal a tamers bandies but failed and got wacked

A Fan, he in NEW so I cant do anything to him :(

Kjun and Porn starts to talk about my post count, they said it was 10k!  I had to correct them :P

Poor....poor....poor Corran...

I see his bolas, Im a bolas freak of late, ask anyone in guild, I always seem to have bolas on me from stealing...

I follow in gate, and so does Mr T, and steal the bolas from the start.

I run before any spells can get casted on me, notice my Health?  I didnt know it was that low at the time and was taunting them way too much for one spell to kill me :P

I still dont notice my health so I run back and forth random stealing off both of them

Finally got a random steal bandies so I can heal myself

But now...I have no regs...me and Mr T are out in the middle of no where....TIME FOR REG HUNTING!

*about 20 mins later...* bah we got lost, took like another 10 mins to find each other

Finally found him

Gated first try....weee


Ahh Alex...well your in this one....kah

I steal Arguile's, man on the beetle, bandies, he attacks me, notice I have no armor except Vet rewards....eep

I had to run at first

I was about to leave...when I decided to test out my 75 magery/75 eval

Keke It works!  :P

Dull Copper Plate, Good against warriors, bad against mages...lesson for you kids
My First Kill on my Siege Thief :)

Gate steal his +6vet ring...too bad I am not a tamer heh

I seriously waited forever in hope she would drop this bracelet in her pack, she did once...and I wasn't quick enough, damnit

~Image Removed for time being~

~Image Removed for time being~

Mesdoram starts messing around at the FVO house so I just explo-ebolt her and she runs away....hmm


Now time to kill a healer!

Theres a healer around the house so I plan to kill it!

Testing out all the spells, MB seems to be the best for less mana needed

But he paras me. then proceeds to double flamestrike my ass and I die

Back to kill that mofo!

Almost there...



Orcs have invaded Moonglow!  I come quickly and start fight 2 of them, after awhile I back away, then follow one of them south along the road...

...to a trap...I would of been able to survive if I had some damn armor on :(

Oh noes, I steal Lord Krews Invis Ring with 1 charge in town unnoticeable

mmk thanks!  After being paged on so much, Im gonna to do it on others now! ;)

He showing how he would page a gm...roofles

He says he own siege...well I see his crappy bracelet...

And steal it anyway...

Im heading to moonglow from the gate and see a grey corpse that looks full of loot!  Well not much, but I did get 1k

Kitara attacks me for some reason, I guess she was guarding the loot...



Dead :) My 2nd Kill on Siege!

I find this book on moonglow so I plan to do so and show my respect...

Got to have your tribute horse...went to the orc fort and couldnt find a soul, so I just left an went to Yew Gate for some red/blue action loot

Another fan...

Didnt know I was a legend...

I steal a hat...from who?

!  That sounds familiar...

hey hey! It must be the same loving guy's other char :)

"Hats down to the thief" keke, I stole the reds weapon without him noticing, gave it back tho

I see some people at the vendor house near brit gate, White Lighter starts to attack me on sight, then runs and hides before I can do anything...

BUT Zeddicus attacks me, and I kill him :)