Episode #49:
Thief Ganking Fun

Me and Neon test out our mage/thieves on some anti-thieves now!

Here is Harry J, he started attacking new thieves at FVO house, Neon and I come out and get him without much trouble
Target One: Dead

hehe a pic of his corpse, him saying Guards, and redlined health bar, great pic!
Target 2: Dead

Harry J comes back and attacks both me and Neon, so we go on the offensive

Kill him again without any trouble
Target Three: Dead

Tag Team Thief Mage Ganks Rule! :)

Dwindell steals from Neon so we chase him around, Neon did most of the work since I had alot of trouble to target this guy
Target Four: Dead

Robert Franko comes from gate and asks for money in FVO territory!

Rah roh...
Target Five: Dead

Hey remember Zeddicus from previous episode?  He attacks one of our thieves and me and Neon kill him
Target Six: Dead


Nhar'Zhul comes back and starts to attack me

Neon reveals him with Poison Fields then we get him

Target Seven: Dead

Zeddicus comes back and attacks us, and dies
Target Eight: Dead

Neon and Nhar sound like are going to duel so I back off and try to find someone else

Tom.... is a tamer, he sticks his WW on me, so I lure it into town and...

Get it guard whacked LOL
Target Nine: Dead (Yes this is a target!)

I come back and see Neon has won that duel
Target Ten: Dead

We start to fight Phire, but he is seriously high on pot...potions so I need to make a quick run to bank for some regs

On my way there I see Zeddicus...and he is red! hehe

Rofl people have funny comebacks. first I'm a fag now I'm a bitch

He was seriously a pot whore x999999 and was fast, so I had to bola him and then we got him
Target Eleven: Dead

Here is Vae Victus, he wouldn't let newly rezzed FVO's in house by killing them, so Neon, Porn, and I go and catch him and kill him, I of course bola'ed him :)
Target Twelve: Dead

One of his red friends comes to rez him so I teach him to not rez kill.... :P

He comes back!  Hasnt learned his lesson I see...

And he easly dies when I bola him...of course
Target Thirteen: Dead

I steal from Sherlock and he attacks me, I come back with force

Kill him without much trouble
Target Fourteen: Dead

He comes back and Neon gets to kill him this time
Target Fifteen: Dead

Kaio Sama attacks us...

and he meats similar fate to everyone else...
Target Sixteen: Dead

Cant really see it here, but we are getting ganked by like 6 reds in 70/70/70/etc armor

Me and Neon try to dump but we cant do enough damage, it seems like our spells do like 15 damage each...arg

Neon is customizing his house to make it more PvP wise and we are able to get in...and some people get stuck...

Kaio comes back and attacks our stuck thieves!  I have to protect them and kill him by myself
Target Seventeen: Dead

Robert comes around house...so I deal with him...before I had to go to work...kah
Target Eighteen: Dead...

There probably were more deaths that I just didnt see, but these are the ones that I took part in!


Until the Next Time!