Episode #50:
Advisor Fun

50th Episode! Weee

There are 2 reds camping FVO House and one pages a GM, I guess its about him not getting a shroud or what not...but I notice he has charges on him....Fireworks!

Some more fireworks :P

Well then I attack one of the reds and he kills me, my bad, he rezzes me and I ban him and the Advisor starts to talk to me like I'm the person who paged rofl, tells me to go to stratics ^^ Then disappears

Kinda like wtf happend :P

Then the Advisor pops back up saying "You cant ban GMs or Advisors"

Welp! I guess I might be able too! :P

Confusion and victory in same pic...kah

You see his name on the end of the list

After that I found another red snooping around the house so I head out and kill him ^^


Short Story/Episode #50!

Thank you for reading my episodes so far!