Episode #51:
Corran Horn, The Devil

Boring day on Siege so far so I try to brighten it up some

Chilling out at FVO house, Neon had a sudden urge to become a crate...kah

They call me, Corran Horn, a devil!  Holy Jebus

I poly into a Slime and start PvPing

And Pwning!

Cam gets rocked like he always does...

Now Atom wants to be a crate? Crap its a crate movement!




Haha you can hate me now

And Vash comes in at the last second! keke

Now its time to slowly ...kill them...


Oh noes they want to kill me now

Like I would let them out now!  Pish potty

"How could you mark a rune here?"

Cause Im leet of course!  Who else could!

You sir, are now embarrse....d?

Snoopy comes...

And gates them out...the bastard!

I make my run and tele back there and they cant touch me :P

Again I am the devil!


So I tele out, open a gate but they block the gate so I cant get in and attack me!  Well on the last second I enter the gate and it closes before they can follow...

Keke Im at Blackthorn's castle


Ahh Atom tags along and unlocks the door! doh

So I buck it out of there

The Devil has to speed hack...

Mr T attacks and I finish him off

Now im attacked again, and my only way out is to jump! Ay ay ay!


Crap we are Siege's finest?  Well this shard is done then!

Tryin out some server hopping...I suck at it

No...actually I spent 700 dollars on parts and built my computer...so much cheaper, and its ADSL...


I drop my loot at the bank and head back to FVO house...

I guess they wanted to gank me... ^^

Only had some pots...

yep...guess that would happen...but...

I left my Boom Box on my loot and Mr T opens it up and dies

Got to get my revenge!

Now Cam is the target and he wants to shift it to me! pfft!


Until Next Time!