Episode #52:
Finally, SWG comes out

Got my Collectors Edition of SWG today in the morning, of course I had to work and didnt get a chance to install it till later that day.


The Pics are from the installation...

Poor attempt to make Aki from FF: TSW movie?


he is so dead...

Already a great story.  Because its mine! :P

Now to log onto the servers for the first time since the game went live!

DOH!  No servers are online, most of them loading....shrug

I alt-tab out and play alittle bit of UO,  Mr. T still hates me...weee

I got back and all the servers are offline...that was basically the whole first day that SWG came out, mainly servers were down and problems all around.


The Next Day

I log in before I had to go to work and check it out, Doing a Delivery mission to a town with no shuttle port...doh


Cant really tell but the winds has just started and dust is being thrown everywhere...good sound effects here

My Leet CE goggles.

This mountain is just a little steep..

Waiting for a shuttle to come along...sometimes you have to wait 10minutes before one comes...arg

Hey its like UO!

Poor start to SWG, many servers going down, it seems like most of the servers are already FULL with both online limit and character limits....
But it has a promising career if they fix some things, add mounts and personal vehicles, and it will own once the Space Expansion gets place in 2004