Episode #53:
Arr matey, Corran Horn is aboard

Ahoy matey, I be Corran Horn th' sea dog, I be no privateer but th' work will be done

Yar!  Th'm be 2 landlubbers in my seas

Shiver me timbers!  An'ther landlubber show' face

I mak' me swabbie to f'llow th' brig an' make Mathayus walk th' plank

' nice booty he hath

De'd men tell no tells!...arr I th'nk

There be th'se others landlubbers.

The wench 'hows me h'r sea legs and escape

I hath found them

I be ready to maroon this here ship

M're lootn'

I be plundering th' other brig


I chase guns at thee ship an' wait...

Ahoy!  An'ther landlubber out 'n my seas

He give a ch'se

Theodin gets 'way...arr

I lower thee Jolly Roger and l'g out