Episode #54:
C.J., the pheared LJ Assassin is...BACK

Being bored from gaining skills on siege and the fact everyone is leeter than me, I log onto my LJ Assassin on Chesapeake

I recall to Deamon Temple and see Mad Mardigan there...

I stealth up to get into a position

And I see he has a friend!  Eiser, an archer

Val armor twins!

A drake attacks Mad and he gets to 50% live, I run in and finish him off...and get 3.9k

I have to run from the drake and drop the gold to a hidden place

When I come back the loot is gone...so I think maybe the drake stole the loot

Guess not...damn I guess his friend looted him

I stealth up and see DEATH and Sir Stephon

It appears DEATH is Stephon's pet dragon

And Sweetheart is his fire steed pet!

I get into a good position to kill


Drop the gold to make sure I dont go over weight from a weaken

He equips a luck weapon! hot damn this is my chance

I attack and he gives a chase

So close to getting him...

Finally got him :) and 2.4k gold!

Had to drop the gold to another hidden place

I start talking to chessythief on icq and he gets his assassin and joins the fun

We see Mogar as he runs around outside the temple

Our plan is for thief (Spyder) to start off with poison while I Double hit with my axe, Thief starts off good, now I need to do my part!

I chase...and accidentally double hit a serpent...doh

The race continues

And Thief's poison finishes him off :)

While looting Thief tells me a red shows up at the temple so I run back, He is already poisoned and I get ready for the kill


And so is his hellsteed :)

Tarsilis walked over Thief and is trying to reveal him with poison fields

He is having trouble finding us, while we get ready to finish this off

This doesnt look good for Tarsilis..

And I finish him off :)

I could easily die from anyone who tries :P

But I have a nice PP Verite axe to use

Timmy shows up, we attack him, he gets poisoned but he makes run for it and gets away

Lucy shows up, I try to get Thief around and I see her recall so I rush in to disrupt it...I got the double hit in...but couldn't disrupt in time...


We wait for awhile but no one else shows up so we try to go elsewhere

I gate to Covetous mines and actually see someone mining here!

An easy kill

She then actually shows back up and tries to ignore us...that show her..

And I gained a STR...no waste there

We check Covetous and see no one

We go to Litche Ruins and find no one...but Thief does die


We go to ice island and I see a smith on this house...doors were actually unlocked and I could use the teles!

Getting close..

Time to teach this smith a lesson about living in fel

She then logs onto another char, Thief attacks her but she logs out ...shrug

Then she gets on Navarrus and we kill her

We wait for awhile for maybe another char log...but none

Thief Parties her and she basically says she is a newbie...keke

He rezzes and is with a friend now...I get ready to attack then Leave House

I kill vixen before a ban :)

Isaac then leaves hehe

Time to loot...crappy stuff

We act like professionals and try to make a deal

But after wasting so much time and getting no where we kill her again and kick her out of party

GM of USB making a cameo

Logging out...late